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The Touchlox® Pro fingerprint padlock is a cutting-edge instant access fingerprint lock that is designed to provide maximum security and convenience. Its nickel-plated brass body and alloy steel shackle ensure durability and resistance to tampering, while its compact size and lightweight design makes it simple to transport wherever you go. The Touchlox® Pro has an impressive battery life, allowing it to be opened up to 3,000 times after a single hour of charging. With its fast and secure fingerprint technology, its the ideal choice for safeguarding your valuable possessions. Unlock the future with the award-winning Touchlox® Pro fingerprint padlock.

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Long-Lasting Battery

The Touchlox® Pro has an extensive battery life of up to 5 years and grants 3,000 unlocks per full charge.


The Touchlox® Pro is made with environmentally-friendly materials perfect for durability and sustainability.

Immediate Entry

The Touchlox® Pro grants quick opening with a 0.2 second unlock time as well as a 99.9% reading probability.

20 Fingerprints

The Touchlox® Pro can store up to 20 fingerprints which is the perfect social lock to use with your friends and family.

5-Star Performance

The Touchlox® Pro is resistant to water and water damage, as well as cold temperatures, heat, dust, magnetic fields, tampering, impact, and the majority of tampering methods. It is a significant improvement over previous generations of fingerprint padlocks and has established a commanding presence in the realm of innovative devices. The Touchlox® Pro is crafted with unrivaled craftsmanship for long-lasting performance and durability when properly maintained.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
jenna behr
five stars

use it at school every day lol

Miguel rosado ramirez
Muy bueno

Fuego me gusta Touchlox

Gene K.

Dieses Schloss ist erstaunlich, die Handwerkskunst ist so göttlich, dass ich es liebe

Rodger Dunbar
Bought 2, love them both

The fact that it holds 20 fingerprints is astonishing.

One lock works for the whole family. I let my sister use it at the gym when I'm not there, works perfectly and shipping was like Amazon speed. Great work boys.



Fast shipping

Ordered it on Friday and it got here on monday so it was hella fast. The lock is pretty dope

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Check out our Kickstarter Campaign for a deeper dive into the manufacturing process, how the Touchlox Pro compares to other fingerprint locks, where the idea came from, who the creator is and so much more!

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Touchlox® products are found all over the world, from the United States to Eastern Europe and beyond. Touchlox® is unwavering in its determination to establish global brand recognition.